I am Not a Lunatic (another horror story)

Jack reclined on a chaise lounge and said:

“Doctor, you know what? I am able to see devils. No, I am not a lunatic. I am a licensed psychologist too. I know I haven’t lost my mind. I saw a little gray demon squat in the corner of my bedroom, facing the wall. He plucked his own entrails and threw them off. Last night, something serious happened, since not having many inner organs left in his body, he turned his head to me and stared at my belly.”

The door opened at that moment and Tracy, Jack’s wife, stuck her head in and asked in surprise: ”Jackie, why are you talking to a mirror?”


A Man With 9 Lives

I have never met a man who always wants to hurt himself so much. Jack was the only one. He was my patient. Our first encounter was during his emergency treatment. He had broken 4 ribs.  That was 2013. Jack was 31, had broken his ribs, but was still alive.

Jack once told me he had 9 lives, but he lost 5 of them on the snow mountain.

That was 2015, Jack was 33, trapped on a snow-capped mountain, deep frostbite, had lost two little fingers, but was still alive.

That year, I talked to Jack: “You’re getting old, don’t run risks anymore, find someone, get married, enjoy your life.”

Jack was staring at his “doesn’t exist little finger”, very slowly told me: “3 years ago. I was diagnosed with lung cancer. The doctor said, I had only 2 years left. But now, it’s the third year. I win!”

This is 2016. Jack is 34, still adventurous, but is still alive.

A simple truth

Last week I attended a great workshop of employment skills facilitated by the Newcomer’s Association. Although there was a lot of useful advice, one thing totally shocked me.

That is the power of communication.

There were greater than ten people from 7 countries attending the workshop. I noticed they used their own languages on the note which I did not recognize. But when they spoke, everyone used English and knew what the other people were talking about.

I marvelled at this truth. Same languages can make communication so smoothly. People from different countries, different cultures, when we talk, we can understand each other.

It’s a such simple truth which you won’t feel until you’re sitting there with them.

After the workshop, I asked everyone a favor. Write the same sentence using their native language. The sentence is: “Hope you can find a job early”.

Then, I collected some handwriting: Chinese, Indian, Korean, Iranian and Yoruba.


Can you feel the Power from the Tower of Babel ?