About me

Even today, some of my friends still ask me why I gave up a valuable life and career in China, then went to the island? Now I think I have the answer.

“The life of bygone decades remains the same. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in a loop.”

I am 40 old. If I live to be 80, this year is exactly in the middle of my entire life. In the first half of my life, I lived in Beijing China. I had my daughter when I was 33. At that time, I was busy on my first startup. Like almost all startups in China, My company was a “fast company”, growing up fast and dying fast. We got the investment to $25M only half a year after we start our business. we sold the company 5 years later.

manzuo(My first startup: Manzuo)

Then I started thinking of a new life journey. After struggling for 2 weeks, I decided to start a different life in a different place.

PEI was my cropped-img_0799.jpgfirst choice. Living in the metropolis is a kind of survival, but living in a small town is called living a life.



After we settled down, the next question came to me: What should I do here?

Decade of IT industry experience has made me become a problem solver. I wish I am able to boil my past experience down here.

I wish I would be all your friend.



Decades of IT industry experience, Agile Certificated Professional(By pmi), Certificated Scurm-master, Product-owner(By scrumalliance).

Worked for ThoughtWorks as Delivery Assurance Manager, Product Manager, ScrumMaster.
Co-Founder and CTO of Manzuo.


Facebook: steve.zheng.cn (Facebook Page)

Twitter: @SteveZhengCA

Linkedin: steve.zheng

Blog(Chinese version): Sharego

Now living in Stratford PE.


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