A Man With 9 Lives

I have never met a man who always wants to hurt himself so much. Jack was the only one. He was my patient. Our first encounter was during his emergency treatment. He had broken 4 ribs.  That was 2013. Jack was 31, had broken his ribs, but was still alive.

Jack once told me he had 9 lives, but he lost 5 of them on the snow mountain.

That was 2015, Jack was 33, trapped on a snow-capped mountain, deep frostbite, had lost two little fingers, but was still alive.

That year, I talked to Jack: “You’re getting old, don’t run risks anymore, find someone, get married, enjoy your life.”

Jack was staring at his “doesn’t exist little finger”, very slowly told me: “3 years ago. I was diagnosed with lung cancer. The doctor said, I had only 2 years left. But now, it’s the third year. I win!”

This is 2016. Jack is 34, still adventurous, but is still alive.


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