A simple truth

Last week I attended a great workshop of employment skills facilitated by the Newcomer’s Association. Although there was a lot of useful advice, one thing totally shocked me.

That is the power of communication.

There were greater than ten people from 7 countries attending the workshop. I noticed they used their own languages on the note which I did not recognize. But when they spoke, everyone used English and knew what the other people were talking about.

I marvelled at this truth. Same languages can make communication so smoothly. People from different countries, different cultures, when we talk, we can understand each other.

It’s a such simple truth which you won’t feel until you’re sitting there with them.

After the workshop, I asked everyone a favor. Write the same sentence using their native language. The sentence is: “Hope you can find a job early”.

Then, I collected some handwriting: Chinese, Indian, Korean, Iranian and Yoruba.


Can you feel the Power from the Tower of Babel ?


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